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Alevi Philosophy Center (ADO) 2021 Almanac

You can reach ADO’s 2021 activities and publications through and Facebook group.

- First licensed Cemevi opened in Greece

The first official cemevi has opened in Büyük Derbent (Megalo Derio) village of Sofulu district in Meriç province of Greece. Mümin Pireli and Fatma Pireli, who contributed greatly to the officialization of the Cemevi, made statements to Doğan Bermek, the Head of the Alevi Philosophy Center.

We talked with the Head of Greek Western Thrace Seyit Ali Sultan Lodge Conservation Committee Ahmet Karahüseyin, Secretary General of the Committee Ayşe Karahüseyin and Büyük Derbent Cemevi Manager Mümin Pireli about the problems and developments.

  • -  The case of marking the houses where Alevi families live in Yalova by an unidentified person or persons was followed, and it was shared with the public through the social media accounts of ADO and the Anatolian Religions and Beliefs Platform (ADIP), of which ADO is a founding member. (25 January 2021)

  • -  Carriers of Our Cultural Heritage” Interview Series Continued

    Within the scope of the "Carriers of Our Cultural Heritage" project of the Anatolian Religions and Beliefs Platform, of which ADO is a founding member, the following conversations were held and recorded in 2021:

    #13 Selimiye Mosque and Cultural Heritage of Edirne (11.012021)

    #14- Yesemek Open Air Museum (9.02.2021)

    #15- Divriği Grand Mosque (Ulu Cami) (15.02.2021)

    #16- KarDes (Multicultural Memory Tour Guide) – Narod Avcı and Rudi Sayat Pulatyan (21.02.2021)

    #17- Cultural Heritage of Bergama – Yaşagül Ekinci (14.03.2021) #18- Ancient City of Ani Preservation Projects - Yavuz Özkaya (20.04.2021)
    #19- Balyan Family - Büke Uras (2.05.2021)

    #20- Museum Studies and European Museum of the Year Awards (26.05.2021)

    #21- Kenan Yavuz Bayburt Beşpınar Ethnography Museum- Kenan Yavuz and Furkan Yavuz (12.06.2021)

#22- Double Minarets in Anatolia – Hasan Fehmi Yılmaz (11.08.2021)
#23 Sümela Monastery – Katerina Prokos Türker (30.08.2021)

- “Beliefs and Music” Interviews Continued
In the online interview series of the ADIP "Beliefs and Music" project, of which ADO is a

founding member, the following interviews were held and recorded in 2021. #7- Bektaşi “Nefes” and the Music of Lodges
Speaker: Gürsel Koçak Moderator: Sadettin Kalenderoğlu (20.01.2021)

#8- Religious Evolution of Music in Antakya (Antioch)
Speaker: Josef Naseh, Moderator: Dr. Erhan Tekin (14.02.2021)
- Monitoring Reports Published

3rd issue of “Implementation of EctHR Judgements Monitoring Report” published in June 2021. Turkish and English versions are available in the link below.

- 2021 “Kerbela” Journal Published
The events that took place in the Kerbala Incident, the bloodiest and most destructive incident

in the history of Islam, are explained day by day.

- Interview with Yaşar Seyman

Doğan Bermek, Head of ADO, conducted an interview with unionist, writer and women rights defender Yaşar Seyman. Seyman was also awarded with 28th Hacıbektaş Friendship and Peace Award. (11.02.2021)

- Panel: Turning Points in Islamic History, From Gadir-i Hum to Siege of Mecca

A panel was held by the Alevi Philosophy Center (ADO) on September 5, 2021 in Burgazada, Adalar District of Istanbul, where people of different languages and beliefs live together on the basis of love and respect. The panel held in Burgazada Volunteer Square (Aya Nikola Çay Bahçesi), hosted by the Burgazada Culture and Development Association, received wide participation, especially from people living in Burgazada. Theologian and author Mustafa Cemil Kılıç and researcher-author Dursun Gümüşoğlu took part as speakers in the panel moderated by Head of ADO Doğan Bermek. Aydın Çakmakkaya recited “deyiş” from Kul Nesimi, Pir Sultan Abdal and Shah Hatayi.

- Freedom of Religion and Belief in Turkey, Current Affairs
Doğan Bermek evaluated the decisions taken in the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe in November 2021 on the basis of Alevi cases in an online meeting (7.12.2021)

- Evaluation of Alevi Cases on the EctHR Agenda
Head of ADO Doğan Bermek released a video series on the current affairs in Alevi struggle for rights.
1. Alevi cases- EctHR Rulings and Implementations: Cemevi Problems
2. Alevi cases- EctHR Rulings and Implementations: Compulsary Religion Courses

3. Alevi cases- EctHR Rulings and Implementations: Public Relations

- Freedom of Religion and Belief Guide is Published

With the cooperation of the Alevi Thought Association and ADIP, and the support of the European Union Protect Defenders program, we have published an informative guide on our rights-based problems and fundamental rights within the scope of the "Human Rights / Freedom of Religion and Belief" field. Distribution of our guide continues throughout Turkey.

- Proceedings of Our International Conference is Published

Proceedings of the international conference titled “The Conversion of Spaces and Places of Worship in Anatolia” organized online by ADO and ADİP in April 2021 is published in Turkish and English. You can reach the conference website and the books containing the proceedings from the links below.

- ADİP- Anatolian Religions and Beliefs Platform Continues its Activities

Since the end of 2019, ADO has been striving for the continuity of the ADIP Anatolian Religions and Beliefs Platform, together with organizations from beliefs that we have shared life with for centuries in Anatolia. You can follow our activities related to ADIP on our website