YEAR 2022


Alevi Philosophy Association in 2022, continued its activities and publications in line with its charter and targets. We have summarized our activities and publications in chronological order for you below. You may follow ADO Activities from web site, and communicate with ADO via e-mail address of .


  • ADO interviews 2022:


“Interviews with sisters” in memory of "Anatolian Sisters’’* are going on.

*Anatolian Sisters (Bacıyan-I Rum)” is an expression used to symbolize females of the Turcoman tribes who migrated to Anatolia from Middle Asia and Khorasan as of 10th century.

Our “Interviews with sisters” series, which started in February 2022 holds interviews with females who stand at forefront with their efforts and activities in civil society and Alevi institutions especially during the recent periods of our society.

You may reach our “Interviews with Sisters” from here.


  • During the MUHARREM 2022 talks, attacks on cemevis were widely discussed.

ADO President Doğan Bermek evaluated the attacks on cemevis and the developments around those actions in various programs.

“Muharrem Discussions 2022” may be reached from here.


  • During ADO 2022 discussion, various topics were evaluated with our guests throughout the year.
    • “Contemporary Alevi Literature” with Ayşe Acar.
    • “Alevi Problems Towards Elections.” with Prof. Dr. Ersin Kalaycıoğlu
    • “Islam and Enlightenment” with Prof. Dr. Bilal Sambur
    • “Compulsory Religious Lessons” with Rıza Türmen



  • Qarbala’s Diary 2022


We shared a calendar and presentations summarizing the Qarbala events during the mourning fast in Muharram.  From here.


  • Freedom of Religion & Belief Activities during 2022
  1. Alevi cases at ECtHR.

When subject is “Freedom of Belief” in Turkey, the discrimination towards Alevis and the pursuit of rights come to the fore. Doğan Bermek summarized the irregularities, applications and judgments of ECtHR, legal developments, and implementation proposals in a video series during January-February 2022.


  1. Alevi Law Unit

Alevi Bektashi Federation, Alevi Foundations Federation and Alevi Associations Federation announced the establishment of the Alevi Federations Law Unit with a decision taken on February 22, 2022. ADO President Doğan Bermek was also invited to take part in the establishment of the unit. However, it was announced that the Alevi Law Unit ended its activities in September 2022.


  1. The decision of the HAGIA SOPHIA MUSEUM and the legal status of BEKTASHI FOUNDATIONS

Lawyer İbrahim Kaygusuz in his article analyses closure of Hacı Bektasi Veli Dervish Lodge and the Bektashi foundations and assignments of trustees from different faith groups.


  1. ADO diverted some questions to Political Parties

In September 2022, the Alevi Philosophy Center sent a press release to 27 political parties entitled to participate in the elections asking 6 critical questions related to freedom of belief, including the legal status of cemevis and compulsory religious classes.

ADO President Doğan Bermek discussed these questions with Semra Topçu in the "Panorama of the Week" broadcast on KRT TV on September 3, 2022.


  1. “AIHM decisions in practice - monitoring report IV” published.

The 4th monitoring report on the Implementation of ECtHR judgments and Alevi Cases was published by the Alevi Philosophy Association in January 2022. Report may be reached from here.



Proceedings of “THE CONVERSION OF SPACES AND PLACES OF WORSHIP IN ANATOLIA” was printed in Turkish and English in January 2022 and distributed in Turkey and in abroad.

Proceeds of conference organized by Ado and Anatolian Religions and Beliefs maybe reached from here, for books please contact us via


  1. “TURKEY'S FREEDOM OF BELIEF REPORT 2020” has been published.

A booklet, prepared by the Alevi Philosophy Association and the Anatolian Religions and Beliefs Platform was published and distributed in July 2022. Booklet is a study that brings together the 2020 reports on Turkey of the important social and administrative institutions and structures of our world that regularly observe and record.

Book text may be reached from here, for books please contact us via





  1. ADO was on the ETKINIZ FORUM

ETKINIZ EU Program hosted non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working in the field of human rights at its third forum held on 4-5 June 2022. Nearly 200 participants from 36 provinces discussed the concept of “intersectionality” in human rights at the event. Doğan Bermek, represented ADO in the forum.


  1. We participated in “CIVIL VOICES FESTIVAL”.

Alevi Philosophy Association and Anatolian Religions and Beliefs Platform, of which ADO is a founding member, participated in the “Civil Voices Festival”, which brought together nearly 250 NGOs of Turkey. The Civil Society Development Center Association (STGM) organized the 5th Civil Voices Festival, which was open to participation throughout Turkey and was held at the TED University campus in Ankara between September 30 and October 1.


  1. We attended the “VOICE of CIVIL SOCIETY”

ADO was introduced in the “VOICE of CIVIL SOCIETY” program series of DDA (Check & Balances Network) aired on October 17, 2022. Dogan Bermek talked about the ADO, Alevi problems of Alevis and the role of civil society in the upcoming general elections.


  1. The regulations regarding Alevi problems were evaluated.

On 22 November 2022, ADO president Dogan Bermek participated in Yıldız TV's “Today on the Agenda” program directed by Turan Ateş topic of the programme was regulations regarding Alevi issues.

Program may be reached from here.


  1. ADO will participate in the CHICAGO 2023 convene of the Parliament of World Religions.

The Alevi Philosophy Center (ADO) will participate in the Parliament of the World's Religions event, which will be held in Chicago in August 2023. The parliament, which first convened in Chicago in 1893, has regularly brought together people of religions and faiths from around the world since 1993, its 100th anniversary.



  • ADO Will Be on The Roads in 2023

Alevi Philosophy Center is saying 'hello' to the new year with a new project. In the project, which is supported by the MATRA (Social Transformation) grant program affiliated with the Embassy and Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, works for faith-based and rights-based civil society members will be implemented in various cities across Turkey with the participation and support of local organizations. Freedom of belief, sustainable development programs of the United Nations, climate change and environmental problems will be examined within the scope of the studies, Comparisons of practices in Turkey and in the world, progress and possible targets will be shared with various examples, data and presentations.


  • You Can Join the Alevi Thought Association Family

ADO FORUM service of Alevi Philosophy Association has been opened to share your opinions, suggestions, articles, and comments. You can register for the Forum on the ADO website.


  • ADO video Library is at your service.

You can find all the videos that have been published since the establishment of ADO here.


  • Articles published in ADO website may be reached from here.